Issues with Calling / Receiving Cals

I have been having issues with calling and receiving calls on the Turbo 2 for some time (early December). I can still use text so it hasn't really compromised the use of my phone, but I want to ensure this is fixed. Whenever I place a call, it "stalls," essentially it stays stuck on "Calling" and never actually connects to the other line. Their phone will ring, but they will not hear anything. When I try to hang up, it also takes some time to cancel the call. The same thing happens when I try to pick up a call. I'm also having issues with YouTube and other apps, so I'm assuming this is a software problem. So far I have tried:

  • Replacing SIM card at recommendation of local Verizon store. As I expected, this did nothing as I don't believe network connection is the problem.
  • Turning On/Off Advanced Calling made no difference.
  • Factory resetting the phone. Did not fix it.
  • Connecting to the computer and running a Software Repair. Did not fix it.

At this point I am tempted to use my warranty to replace the phone but am concerned that without finding the root cause the same thing may happen. I should have my ticket number available if needed.

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