Issues with my Moto Z Droid since latest security patch (NCLS26.118-23-13-6-1)

My first Moto Z Droid was working great prior to this security patch. After D/L the patch my Z's battery life was horrible. I was lucky to get an hour of use out of it prior to having recharge. I a factory reset and it made matters worse! Eventually my Z kept on crashing.

My local Verizon couldn't figure out the cause and got me a refab replacement.

The replacement was working great until the security patch was added, and now the voice commands feature as well as any of the media volume is inoperable.

Rebooting and factory reset have no effect on fixing this matter.

Anyone have a fix for these issues?

Any useful input would be appreciated 

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Re: Issues with my Moto Z Droid since latest security patch (NCLS26.118-23-13-6-1)
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We definitely want to make sure that you get the most out of your device, cmorty72. A security update should improve your device performance, not detract from it. Have you tried running the device in Safe Mode to see if that improves battery life? You can see instructions for putting the device into safe mode by following this link:

Another thing you might want to consider is using the Software Upgrade / Repair Assistant to try and redownload the security update, to see if that helps fix this. This client allows you to update your device via your desktop computer instead of over the air. This application should start automatically when you plug your Moto Z Droid into your computer. You can view more information about the Software Upgrade / Repair Assistant by following this link:


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