Junk and so is custmer service

the Phone willmake a call the person can not hear you.  shut off cannot get it to restart. calldoes the same thing ed support line and they backed upthe phone and did a hard reset now the phone still does the same thing no back up support said  it was google problem and would call back. still waiting for the call back 2 days later call support and you get we have to try a reset why the phone is not working .

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Re: Junk and so is custmer service

You didn’t say what phone?   

Carriers aren’t responsible for the phones (why do you think we pay for them separately? ).  If you are under warranty, take it to a company store for exchange.   If out of warranty you would have to have insurance or buy your own replacement.  

In some cases the manufacturer may do a better job of warranty if you approach them directly, but you will have to send in your phone and will not get an instant replacement (you’ll need a spare phone to use).