Keyboard disappearing when rotated with auto rotate on

I have a Google Play 2021, It worked fine until they started with the 100 updates a week! I have the phone on auto rotate, and when your texting and rotate the phone the keyboard disappears. I called customer service several times for the issue. I finally found an answer when one of the tech's was an android specialist. I had to go in and disable automatic updates, then go to apps and notification, click on the number of apps in the middle of the screen, go to advanced on the next screen, click the three dots at the top right, and disable the current updated app. It defaults the phone back to the Arcadia set up. Then the phone works the way it is supposed to. Why does an update to keyboards have to be sent! I was told that if enough people bi&^% about this problem they will fix it. Until then I have to do this 2 times a week....hopefully soon they will get enough "bitTGES".

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