Keying issues (how to get keypad first in call; replacement SMS with accessible microphone key).

OK, I don't want to go write a three start review after two hours of use, but I need some help with some issue I have with this phone.

I have a Droird Turbo, not a 2, on 5.1.

First, how the hell do I get the keypad to come up when I open calling instead of the idiotic shortcut screen containing numbers I haven't used in six months. If I can't go straight to the keyboard without the option of going to contacts (who are all on the desktop as direct dial widgets) I'm keeping the box handy. And puzzled where I'll go because I just don't like the newer Samsung.s

Second, will any replacement SMS app use the same keyboard from the OS or firmware or cabbage patch or wherever it comes from. The dictation microphone key is tiny and placed just below the much larger voice message system. If i wanted to throw my voice, I would have gotten a ventriloquist's dummy. I want to easily switch to dictate. Yes at stoplights (not while driving) probably in the bright sun, possibly with polarizing sunglasses on. Placing it just under the voice recording icon is just stupid.

Not very happy after two hours. I shouldn't have to spend my time finding work around for GUI design flaws. I don't know how this model got out of prototype with these "features."

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Re: Keying issues (how to get keypad first in call; replacement SMS with accessible microphone key).
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Phone app - the dialer keypad is on the bottom right of the screen, a circle with 10 dots in it.  Tapping that will bring up the keypad.  There may be a way to set your preferences to open the keypad instead of contacts or recent calls or speed dials, I've never explored that option.  Tap the phone, then tap the blue circle bottom right of the screen to get your keypad.

As for the keyboard, I use the Swype keyboard, and the voice to text microphone is near the spacebar... try different keyboards if you don't like the stock ...

Everyone uses their phone differently, so although you seem unhappy with the way the Turbo is laid out, I've found it to be one of the best phones I've used.  I did change up the keyboard to Swype, as I prefer that.  Android has many alternative messaging apps, and keyboards, and probably phone dialing apps as well, so you can customize your phone any way you like.  The "stock" features are not going to please everyone, no matter what. 

My advice to you is to learn how the Turbo does things natively (which may or may not be the way that seems best to you) and then find an app or setting that WILL work for you.