Killed Two Moto Z Droids In Less Than A Week

I bought this phone about two months ago along with the JBL speaker mod. On a Thursday I had the phone attached to the speaker and also on the charger plugged into a wall socket and was streaming Sirius/XM radio. I was moving to another room so I unplugged the charger from the wall socket and that was the end of my new phone. It shut off and would not restart, it was completely dead. I went to the Verizon store and was sent a refurbished Moto Z Droid which I received on Friday. To my complete surprise the *exact same scenario* was repeated on Monday! I've been a Verizon customer for a couple of decades and have always been happy with their service but I'm more than a little disappointed with them now. What I wanted when I took my second dead phone into the store was to walk out with a different phone, activated and ready to go. Instead I was offered a *third* Moto Z Droid, refurbished and shipped to me (No, Thank You!) or what is essentially a downgrade to a refurbished HTC One M9 which I will receive on Wednesday. I accepted this because this is the phone I had owned before upgrading to the Moto and it had been a nice reliable phone. The other option was for me to pay off $572 for the Moto and purchase a new phone. I'm not happy that I have to repeat the process of activating another new phone and downloading all of my photos, files and apps and logging in to all of them to retrieve my Kindle and Audible books, Sirius/XM presets, Amazon and bank accounts, etc. I'm not happy that I was told that "the system" would not allow them to just hand me a nice new phone right there in the store when I was returning a phone for the second time in less than a week and that the rep couldn't even call a supervisor to make that happen. Apparently I *will* be able to return all the equipment I'd purchased with the Moto for some sort of a refund (the speaker, car charger, case, etc.) but that will require yet another trip to the Verizon store. For some reason they couldn't do that on Monday, it had to wait until I had received and activated the refurbished HTC One M9.

Right now I have issues with the Moto Z Droid and with customer service in relation to those issues.

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Re: Killed Two Moto Z Droids In Less Than A Week
Customer Service Rep

It's concerning to hear that you had these issues with your devices, EHM. I want to make sure that all of your options are properly reviewed and all steps have been performed. When you were ordered the replacement, did you perform any troubleshooting?


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