KitKat problems on RAZR HD and M
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Not sure which forum HD falls in but I just wanted to document the problems I've had with KitKat on my RAZR HD and M since the 5/22/14 upgrade from JellyBean (which I liked).  I chose my HD because I did not like the Mini User Interface on my wife's phone.  I now have that same interface with less flexibility.

1)  Reduction in 4G and WIFI signal strength verified with a replacement JellyBean RAZR HD sitting next to my KitKat RAZR HD.  JellyBean was getting 2-3 bars 4G.  KitKat was fluctuating between 3G and 1X.  WIFI signal strength from my NightHawk router - full strength with JellyBean, down one level with KitKat.

2)  Battery life is roughly 30% reduced with KitKat as observed at end of work day.  There are now days when I have to attach the vehicle charger on the way home from work.  In the 5 months previous, I had never used the car charger. Keep in mind that my phone sits in a cabinet outside of my office location so it is always in the same place as I can not bring my phone into my office building.

3)  OS now views SDHC card as extension of core memory and populates with folders - in other words, I no longer have control about where the OS puts photos or music.  The OS now uses the SDHC card for Android, LostDir, and DCIM directories at a minimum.  Deleting those folders is only temporary.

4)  Every notifier clicks at the start.  If I get a text, I get click-notifier.  If I get an email, I get click-notifier.  If I shut the phone off and re-power, i get click-DROID on boot.  If the alarm goes off I get click-alarm. The clicks are loud and annoying.  I've tried disabling sound effects to no avail.

5)  The white/gray text screen is impossible to read outdoors as are the gray icons on the top of the display.   It can not be changed and is particularly hard on

folks that need to see a distinct difference or if you have an Otter cover on for instance.  The text is simply unreadable.

6)  There are known bluetooth problems with certain vehicles since the upgrade.  Mine were non-functional after upgrade.  After re-installing, contacts would not transfer to Audi MMI.  (Others have reported Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Acura as well but it does not seem to be every phone).

7)  802.11n still is not compatible with Realtek wireless devices (still have to set the computer to b/g or hotspot will not work).  Realtek is a popular wireless device in many computers.  Motorola has been aware of this problem.

😎  Multiple displays overlayed on each other, i.e. exit Comcast app and you get both that and your main display showing at the same time.

9)  Circle displays are delayed when screen is painting - screen performance is visually slower.

10)  Emoticon button replaces Enter button on texts - I don't need or want a kids phone to send smiley faces.

11)  I now have two set-up apps running at times.

12)  Disabled apps re-enable themselves.

13)  Clear cache procedures have changed - even Motorola Tier 2 did not know the correct procedure (3 calls).

14)  Having to do a factory reset after upgrade in order to regain any features or performance (as suggested by both Motorola and Verizon tech support) is unacceptable.  That is akin to doing a clean install of Windows on your PC when Microsoft issues a new Service Pack or OS.  I can accept that for a computer, but not for a cell phone.

15)  Motorola Migrate utility does not work with RAZR HD according to Motorola Tier 2.

16)  Verizon store rep suggested I root my phone to correct some of the problems.

In 30+ years in telecom and IT, this the worst upgrade I have ever seen (and that does not take into account all of the other complaints on the Motorola and Android forums).  It changed the character of a phone I liked to one I dislike intensely and have no desire to keep.

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Re: KitKat problems on RAZR HD and M

I wish I had never accepted the upgrade without reading about it first, but I foolishly assumed "upgrade" meant better.  I have had the Razr Maxx HD for  little over a year and the main reason that I picked that phone was for the battery life which is now greatly diminished with this upgrade.

Also, I find that the volume is randomly turned off and I have missed calls and notifications. 

And the intuitive texting used to be pretty smart, now it does nothing to help speed things up.  It does not 'guess' the next word until you have typed most of used to suggest beforehand.

Do you think that there will be fixes for all of these issues....??