Lack of Service in Camp Pendleton, CA!!!!!

I am not sure how the rest of Verizon users feel, but for me, when I am paying nearly $200 dollars a month for 2 phones, I expect a certain level of satisfaction with the service provided. The issue is that when you work and live on Camp Pendleton and have Verizon, you are bound to get bad service and Verizon is not the only one to blame. I seems that (and this is just speculation/ rumor) that the DOD has some sort of contract with ATT, thus allowing ATT more towers in the area/ on base, while other carriers are not afforded the same opportunity to provide service. I think that the blame goes to Verizon because they do not for-warn customers about the service here, to mitigate issues of complaints and cancellation requests, shouldn't this take place? Personally, I hate ATT and had them before switching to Verizon, furthermore, when I did live off base the service was much better (its like Pendleton is a black hole). But I cannot deal with both my work, home and commute to and from being un-reliable places for phone usage. Just the other day 911 had to be called for my 2 year old daughter and I was not able to provide adequate information to them over the phone because of poor reception, (this was kind of the tipping point for me). As I said from the start, I do not put all of the blame on Verizon, however, there is reason to blame them for allowing this to happen. Hopefully, I am let out of my contract (Due to end in September) early so that I can pursue another carrier that receives an adequate level of reception here. Good luck to the rest of you that have these issues. And to anyone from Verizon viewing this, for reference my ticket # is >>removed<<.


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Check out this more accurate and detailed coverage map. Now zoom in and take a look at the black hole that is camp Pendleton.


No coverage in an opensignal coverage map is not necessarily "more accurate and detailed". It CAN be if there are multiple users have mapped the area and provided data. The map does not indicate whether they have even received any coverage information for the area in question. That is the problem with maps such as this. Unless you are willing to provide data to, you can't possibly be sure the map is "more accurate and detailed."

See my post on one of your other threads for a brief explanation.