Last time I get a smart phone from verizon
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I have learned a few things in the last 4 years. The first and foremost is no matter how useless the app if verizon brands it or gets paid to install it on your phone you will never be able to remove it regardless of how much of a resource hog or how unstable it makes your phone. The second is once they get an exclusive distribution right on a phone it will never be properly supported as they don't have to keep it as functional as the same phone on carrier Y.

So thank you verizon for removing your back end make me pay for my free or subsidized phone. Now I will get a fully functional quality smart phone from someone who actually wants me to use their phone again and as such does care about its reliability, functionality and what I say about that phone to everyone I work with... Now since said phone is capable of working on everyone's network they don't even have to endure lack of service response if they so desire.

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