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Approximately two weeks ago, my phone was prompted for a "software" update. The update has changed the performance of my phone, calls and texting.


*The calls no longer register as incoming (no ringing, buzzing)


*there is no indicator that a call message is waiting


*the texting is no longer intuitive - I have to enter each word.


*The "return" indicator for changing a line  (like the enter button on a keyboard) while texting has been removed.


*After recharging, the phone turns the ringer off. I have to make the "effort" to see if the ringer is in the on position.


None of this happened before the "update"



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Re: Latest software update
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You ain't the only one with issues .Latest update is horrible in my book, very buggy, features that used to work don't anymore.On my Maxx 3 way calling, a critical component for my usage, no longer delivers, very hit and miss, mostly miss, software issue I found out after 1//2 hr with VZ "customer support". They had to reset it on their end. Worked once after reset, then failed again. Have to soft reset the phone, same thing, works once then fails again. The S3 i have on this account also having its issues since the "new and improved" update. Horrible. Ill never use android again once my contract is up

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Mine is doing the same way. Sometimes it freezes up while on a call and I cant hang up or turn the screen off/on. Sometimes I cant turn the screen on while its ringing. Most of the time my ringtone or notifications dont work. Monday I took it off the charger got into the shower and was out in 15 min ( I was in a rush 🙂 ) and checked the time and the phone was dead. Barely a thin red line there. It heats up quickly  at times and dies alot faster than it should. I barely get 7 hours out of a charge. And for the last few months it turns itsself off and on sporadically. Makes no sense to me and Im tired of resetting the phone and having to start all over again.