Why does Verizon make promises that they don't intend on keeping with prepaid customers? I pay my bill for a service and everytime I need customer service I'm treated like I'm a nuisance and I don't have any control over my account. In my opinion, I'm being discriminated against because I chose to be prepaid. If anyone else is having this same issue, please contact me and maybe if we put our heads together we can actually be treated like customers, rather than poor people. If there are any lawyers thinking about class action, I want to get involved because I now have multiple devices that I can't afford to replace but I can't get service from Verizon because they lied to me so many times and costed me to lose money and customers alike. I've spent hours corresponding with the rudest uneducated people in the world.

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Re: Lies
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Hopkinsadam.

Oh, my! We never want you to feel this way!! Was there something in particular you needed assistance with that you feel you were not adequately supported in? Please feel free to send us a Private Note if you still need assistance.