Lock screen shortcuts no off switch camera & google
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The lock screen on my Motorola One 5g UW Ace came with two apps that you can access even when the phone is locked. I cannot find a way to remove them from the lock screen. Motorola Tech 3 said it was an Android 11 issue. I have tried settings>security>lock screen which only lists 4 methods to lock the screen (pin, swipe, pattern, password). You cannot place your finger on the icon and drag it off. The apps themselves do not include an option. One more: setting>display>lock screen menu reads

Notification on the lock screen, Add text on to the lock screen, Show lockdown option. 

I have had other Droids (e.g., Samsung Gal 7 running Android 😎 with a setting called "App Shortcuts" and you could add or remove any app from the LOCK SCREEN. 

There seems to be no option to do that on the Motorola one 5g UW Ace. 

lockscreen SS wNotes.jpgMotorola has preloaded software on this phone, Google droid, and Verizon does as well. Who is causing this issue? Motorola says it's an Android 11 issue. 

Any help resolving would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: Lock screen shortcuts no off switch camera & google
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Re: Lock screen shortcuts no off switch camera & google
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kprice1111, We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and we will be happy to assist you with your application concerns while your device is locked. To ensure that we're on the same page, are you able to tap and access the contents within each application, or are they just accessible as an option to choose without being unlocked fully? How long has this issue been happening for?-Kevin