Lots of problems with droid razr maxx hd
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I think they all started after the update.  My phone was working fine before that time but since then all sorts of strange stuff is going on and I don't know if it's due to the update or if it's the phone itself.   The problems are as follows:

1.  Phone seems to get stuck and gets hot....but not while I'm using it.  I will go to use my phone and the screen is stuck to black and the phone is hot.  I have to turn the phone off (sometimes takes several attempts) and I remove the otterbox and let it cool down.  When I start it up it is fine.  Sometimes it gets hot and the battery suddenly drops but it isn't stuck...I check to see if it's updating something but I shows that nothing is happening.

2.  Sometimes it won't send my text......I just the "sending" notification.

3.  When someone sends me a group text, I suddenly do not get the first group message (which explains everything) but I will get everyones reply.

4.  It suddenly will no longer allow me to send a photo by text...it will let me send it by gmail.  If I try to send a photo or retrieve a text with a photo someone has sent me,  I will get the notification that "unfortunately messaging has stopped"

5.  It randomly turns itself off or get stuck in the black screen (this is not good when it turns off during the night and it is your alarm clock.

Anyone with similar issues?

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