MOTO Z BOGO promotion not honored
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In November when my plan was up I went into a Verizon store and was sold a buy one get one for the moto z phone. Riley the rep told me it would take a couple of billing cycles before I would see the refund / rebate for the second phone. When I did not see the credit after that time I went to online support and was told again all looked good and would be getting the rebate. Still nothing, another online support chat I was told that the BOGO promo had ended when I purchased and would not be honored. I explained again that I was sold the promotion by their rep. Now it is April and I have had three online chat sessions where I was told the issue would be resolved. I went into the same store today and was told they would review the store camera footage and would escalate to a store manager and he would have to got to their district manager and to an accounting manager and  I would have to wait. I have waited and been very patient but feel I am getting the run around. While I continue to make payments for two phones because I honor my agreements unlike Verizon that does not. After over twenty years with them I have totally lost faith in their customer service and the company with  no one wanting to take responsibility and correcting the problem. If you think I am going to quietly into the night and taka this that would be a mistake.

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Re: MOTO Z BOGO promotion not honored

I am with you rtimm227!  I am a patient person also and I am actually our IT Coordinator and make the call for anything the is IT related for our company and we have 10 locations.  This issue will curb my decision making for our company also as we would love to use technology for our sales staff and our Business Rep for Verizon could get more sales and it could help Verizon out but if this is how they want to run the business, I may be one customer but I will make sure I do my best to spread the word through Social Media and the Internet and curb the company I work for to have second thoughts of doing business with Verizon if I keep getting the run around.  Pretty pathetic that they tell you one thing and do the other!  I keep all my chat sessions as if it has to get legal it will.