Major Issues

I purchased a Droid Maxx a couple of years ago in my hometown of Covington-VA. While working in NOVA early last year the phone locked up and could not get it to do anything. I took it to the local Verizon store close to where I am staying while working in this area which is in Kingstowne Towne Ctr in Alexandria-VA. They told me the only option was to purchase another identical phone which I reluctantly did. Now the phone only rings and lets me know that I have an incoming call about 1 in 6 calls, it does not vibrate as an alert for incoming calls and other issues. I was wanting to either replace or upgrade the phone when IO went home this past week-end but was informed that I am paying for an Apple iPhone 7 32GB in Black/MNAC2LL/A which I do not have and never did have. Also I am being charged monthly for a "Hotspot" which supposedly was terminated when I purchased a new type of "Hotspot" over 2 years ago. If this is the way Verizon is currently doing business I am seriously thinking about changing service carriers. And if this cannot be corrected by the time that I go home next I will definitely go to another carrier. The monthly charges alone is enough to tempt me to change, especially when I am paying foe an item that I do not have.

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