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So this may not be the place to get my amswer but I figured since im waiting for an answer from someone higher up the totem pole so here i go. I had added a few lines with new devices to my service 3 days ago now. The items were ordered and in process to be shipped on the 9th of Nov. And shipped out on the 10th as two seperate orders with their own tracking information but heading to the same location and person (me). Well the total dollar amount of the orders made them both need to be verified with the fraud prevention team and double, triple checked before they sent the orders. Well i call (twice) the morning of Nov. 9th to give and veify my information mind you at this point all the T's and C's are now agreed upon and the customer's and payment agreements have now been signed and all devices have been added to my plan with with receipts and all necessary credit checks done and received. However one of the fraud prevention reps whom ever confirmed the order that ened up mixed up in this mess when verifying my info and shipping/billing address's rattled off the correct address to my home. Before i continue you must know i live in a trailer court so the street address for everyone here is the same but the lot #'s are different. So i receive notice that the orders have now been shipped on Nov. 10. Didnt pay no mind thinking all the proper channels have been taken to verify and ensure the proper and safe delivery of my new devices. So I wake up yesterday morning Nov. 11th to two updates showing the items are in transit out for delivery from local fedex center, 11:10 am the package arrives and there is only one package which contains 2 of the 5 new devices. Again already having been double checked and each device having their own phone numbers active imei number and sim numbers. I figured they'd had ended up on different trucks and I'd wait. Well 1 o clock comes around and i get a update from my second package showing it was sent back to the shipper ( verizon) without attempt of delivery, call Fedex and discover they claim the package was to be sent back due to insufficient funds on the account to cover and address change per decision made by verizon. So i get stone walled by them no other means of finding the problem i call verizon customer support. In the midst of the call switch to check the order in question I see the address line does not contain my lot number in the address line but does have it in the delivery instructions but other than that the addressRuy 5 is correct so I contact customer support with the issue whom see the same thing i see but there has still been no update in the verizon system for a return shipping number or any form of communication showing or saying why. This is now 5 pm and am already frustrated well the rep that "assisted" me at this time says in left with 2 options. I can cancel the order and redo it or let it arrive at the facility and see if they fix the address to move to lot number up 2 lines. So i figured Id wait to here what happened with the package first. In the mean time i check the order in my verizon app but still shows no change this is now almost 7 hours after it says it was shipped back by fedex. So i call the fraud department to confirm the info read to me was correct and that agent says thats not their problem and sends me back to normal customer support so I wait on hold. Now its 9pm and im kind if aggrivated the gentleman answers I explain the WHOLE story again, and he starts trying to look into the issue for me gets the track # and loctaion I'd but is having trouble figuring out exactly what happened so he calls fedex gets the same answer about address issue but says he could submit a ticket to fedex have them print the correct label to send back i agree he begins that process. He comes back on the line to inform me that he no longer can because the agent before him cancelled the order when it was agreed upon to wait for a word from the facility today Nov.12 but never got the chance to because of her doing this. However the devices that were supposed to be shipped that didnt make it are all still showing on my account after this alleged cancelation but now show as active numbers and willl not go away the rep told me to try calling again tomorrow and ther was nothing else to be done about it. Well in waiting till business hours to do more but he wants me to do another order when these lines are not accounted for and show as active so locked the numbers to keeps them from being ported or stolen but that doesnt seem to me a feasible answer to my problem the devices are still covered by my total device protection plans and i need to know if i should be even bothering continue with fed EX and customer support or since these devices are apparently lost in transit and not being status updated to verizon and not one has an answer but the lines are still active if i should continue up the ladder to find some one to make this right or if i should just do my insurance claim on the devices since the information is accurate and still active but technically covered as lost as of right now and not trying to let my account get more messed up in this process than it is now and still want my devices and have all the proper paper work and all receipts to show to prove that everything was done right on my end just feels like from both sides im being told oh well terrible to terrible good luck kind of deal when the problem came from either verizon or Fedexs services and i never even physically got the devices to activate them but yet im being punished in the end of it all and i didnt do anything wrong. Because they shouldn't made it all the way here if there was a address issue let alone to go through all this extra please help.......TIA

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