Marshmellow: USB Ext Storage Access Issue

Verizon recently downloaded the Marshmallow (6.0) OS  to my Motorola Driod Turbo 2 phone.  Now I can no longer access my external storage mini SD card to download pictures to my computer or upload documents to the phone,   When viewing the ext mini SD card, Win 7 Windows Explorer shows both the internal storage as (Internal storage) but the external storage as (  M-oM-^?M-|^UpM-Hh^UJb^J   ).  When clicked, nothing is displayed, yet when right clicking on 'Properties'  for that folder, it displays both the Used & Free space on the SD card.  Again, this was never a problem prior to Marshmallow !   Anyone else experiencing this problem ?  Any solutions ?

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Re: Marshmellow: USB Ext Storage Access Issue
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Oh no! Software updates are supposed to enhance your device. I know that I like to transfer my pictures & other media to my computer. Let’s definitely make sure we get this up & running for you. Please see this link for the steps on how to get this accomplished. Keep me posted on the outcome.

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