Message+ app's GIF button / menu is the worst
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This gif icon / button, is right by the spacebar.  You can hit that button by accident so easily.  One more tap, if you dont stop typing, and you are sending gifs instantly.  Awful.  

It doesnt ask (send this one?) first, you cant cancel or turn that gif button off.  

It is the worst.  I send stupid gifs all the time to everybody.  Never once tried to use it on purpose since you cant add your own.  

When i sent feedback they replied (which was nice) and said to update the app, but it is already updated to 7.0.10.

Thanks for listening.  

Pic attached, of what my contacts have to deal with 🙂


 This is the offending button that opens the gif flood 


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Re: Message+ app's GIF button / menu is the worst
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We are sorry to hear about the experiecne that you are having with o0ur GIF's. We recomend not pressing it that way this does not happen. Was this able to clarify your concern? DavidR_VZW