Message notification bubble with no new message on Z Play

Since the latest update I have a message notification bubble even when I have no new text messages in message+, which is my default text app. I've tried restarting and turning notifications on/off but it still shows up. I've also opened every message I have in case I was missing one. This is a Moto Z Play Droid. Any ideas how to fix it or if it's a bug?

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It's important for your messaging notifications to show up correctly, TIGGTV. We can help you out with the Message + app. You mentioned that this started happening after a recent update. Is the update that you're referring to a system/software update for your phone? If so, please follow these steps to check for any updates for the Message + app: . Is your messaging app up to date at the moment? You mentioned that you turned notifications off and back on. Did the text notification remain when notifications were turned off? Please follow these steps to reset the Message + app: . Is the notification still appearing?


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