Messages (texting) after Kit Kat update
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The recent KitKat update seems to have disabled the old Messaging app on my Droid Razr HD (seems like they could have warned us...). This turned out to be a blessing in disguise since it sent me looking for a new text app. After looking at several I chose the Vzn Messages+ app. Lots of bells and whistles to investigate. I only wish I could find more detailed instructions on how to use some of it.

I kind of like the ability to record a message that is attached to a text and sent when you release the record button (safer than trying to text while driving). However, it seems that the entire message cannot always be listened to on the other end. One daughter (Verizon) is able to listen to the whole message (20-30 long so far), but another (T-Mobile) can only hear the first 7-8 seconds of the message. Should people on the other end be using the same app to hear the whole message? What is the time limit for these recorded messages?

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Re: Messages (texting) after Kit Kat update
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I am glad to hear that you are liking the Verizon Messages application. You can check out this link to get more information about the application: or you can also check out this link for more support:

Does your daughter have the Verizon Messages application as well? I do know that this application is something that is available to Verizon Wireless devices. Other carriers might not be able to view the full video due to file size of the video. Please keep us posted if you have any futher questions or concerns.


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