Mic stopped working

My mic has randomly stopped working. I was using my phone for a phone call only moments before I noticed it no longer working. It doesn't work in the phone app nor any other app such as ok Google. This is a newer phone, I have only had about a month, and it has no damage or water damage. No new apps have been installed either, and I do not have a ringtone app.

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Re: Mic stopped working
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A working phone is the best kind to have, so let's check that out. Thank you for providing a lot of the background information on this as well. Do you use headphones or a headset with your phone when this happened? If you try using the Speaker setting on the phone when making a call, what happens?


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Re: Mic stopped working
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I would try putting device into safe mode and then see if the microphone is working at that point. This will essentially let you know if there is a problem with the phone itself or if there is just something messed up on the device in terms of corrupt files, settings, conflict with configuration or similar that can be corrected with a factory reset.

If it works while in safe mode you will likely just need to do a factory reset (after backing everything up of course).

If the microphone is still not working while in safe mode you do have a one year warranty and can call VZW and have them send you a new device (assuming there is no physical damage, or you will receive a damaged device fee), sending your defective device back with the provided return label.