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I went into my local Verizon store on January 25th around 5pm to replace my phone that suddenly no longer worked, it hit the floor and shattered. I was told I did not have insurance and would either have to wait until my contract expired or purchase a new line. I didn't really want to, but the sales associate was all to happy to show me how she could add a line for not much more than we were paying now. I explained that I needed a more durable phone and seen the poster for the Shatterproof droid. They were also advertised for "Buy one get one half off". I specifically asked, "How much does this cost?" She states. "Around $350.00"  She then writes out my options for the phone plan, the total was going to be $138.00 before taxes, In which she states, "That does include the phone payments". as I also Specifically asked if the phone   payments were included in that total, again she says "yes" .  She runs around for a couple of hours Supposedly getting the promotion to apply to the phones. After a couple of hours and disappearing for long periods of time, she states she finally has it on there. Holds out her tablet for me to sign on all the appropriate places. I look for the receipt to see exactly how much these phones cost and she says, "It's not here, It will be emailed to you". I have yet to receive that email. I receive my bill and It is $171.00! I called last week to see how much I owed to pay the phones off so that I only have the plan payment monthly and was told my bill was over $1400.00. I have called four times to  resolve this . Only to be told last night, "You signed the papers, you knew what you were signing." Two people that I had talked to found the promotion but never fixed that part, last night, that promotion didn't exist. I am tired of being lied to...Your sales rep just wanted to sale expensive phones to bump her pay. She knew I never would have bought them had I known  the real price. Even worse, your company is allowing it. Your refusing to even place the promotion on my account. I will be going with another carrier. This will also be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I work hard for my money and don't appreciate being lied to.

Ashlee Plaster  

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YYup, common theme.  User breaks phone, goes to get a new one.  He or she is shocked that smartphones actually cost $600.  Indicates to sales I cannot pay that, is there anything else I can do?  Then an elaborate scheme is put together to make it look like the cost of the ohone is half.  But nothing is free, you will be paying that full $600 price for the phone.

IF you phone breaks before payments or contract is up, and you cannot afford a full price new phone, buy a used phone from the online retailers that specialize in this.  Don't think you can out deal a Verizon store into tricking for early upgrade price. 


i had a similar incident at authorized Verizon store in December 2015 if mine dont resolved soon im getting an attorney

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Did you go to a corporate store or an authorized retail store?

A friend of mine had a similar problem at retail store. The stores look almost like a corporate store but they aren't run by Verizon.