Mobile Hotspot Not Working
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I have used the Mobile Hot Spot feature on my Droid Turbo for several weeks now, since I upgraded to the new phone.  Over the last 2-3 days anytime I try to turn on the Mobile Hot Spot, the message "Checking subscription status.  Please wait..." comes up for about 2 seconds, then disappears and my Hot Spot does not activate.  I have tried rebooting the phone multiple times, and still experience this problem.  Prior to this I have made no changes, but this seems to have began being a problem after the recent upgrade.

I rely heavily on the Mobile Hot Spot, and without this feature working, it is causing me a bit of an issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this or can anyone help?

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Re: Mobile Hotspot Not Working
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When I bought new phones 1 of them would enable the mobile hot spot and one of them wouldn't; bought at the same time, same plan where the feature is free.

I just had a quick chat with Verizon:

Located at the bottom.

There for some reason was a block on the mobile hot spot for only one line. They couldn't tell me why, but they were able to resolve the issue in about 20 minutes. The hot spot was activated almost immediately once the Verizon rep did whatever they did on their end. It sounds like you got a new phone and it hasn't worked since then?

Re: Mobile Hotspot Not Working
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Hi Doublegnc,

Congrats on your new devices! We know having the correct features on your line is important. I have sent you a direct message, please send a response to this message.

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