Moto G Play 2021

Hi there, I wanna talk about the Moto G Play 2021  phone, a representative/agent had recommended that to me as it is the cheapest phone out of all on this website, I see that it only comes with 32GB Internal Memory and can be expanded up to about 512GB, The taxes to pay on that phone is not bad at all either, is that a good phone considering it the cheapest out of all and is it not 5G compatible, And I see that the monthly device payment on it is not bad at all neither,  does that phone have pretty good features and performance on it and good camera quality as well, let me know if that is a good phone as it is the cheapest one. By this week I will have it in my hand as it is added to my account for a new line and the mainline that is on my account is an small iPhone SE 3rd Generation as the line to it is gonna get canceled and the SE will be getting sent back so that line will be removed from on my account and I will have just the other line that has the Moto G Play 2021, when I get it and set it up and transfer content all on it, I am gonna be requesting help on how to install apps on external memory on that phone, I hope that phone will not be a slow lacking phone as far as speed and performance on it, 

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Thanks for reaching out to us.  We understand that you have some questions about our products and services.  We are more than happy to assist.  Please send a PM for further assistance.  *Jerina