Moto Z 2 play - call coming in but no screen to select call

When a call comes in, the phone rings, but there is no drop down screen to select the 'answer' or 'ignore' OR there is no main screen that opens with a picture where you can swipe the circle to talk.  I called Verizon one time and I had to re-set the phone completely.  That did work, but the next time this happened it didn't work but I found the screen to find out where the issue was.  Problem - it occurred once again and I looked in every single screen to turn either a button on or off and I can't seem to find it to fix.  It's my dad's phone and he is 92, so it is unknown how all these things change on his phone.  But he really needs to be able to answer the phone.  Calls come in but he has no idea who is calling.  Help!  

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Customer Service Rep

We can definitely take a look into what's going on with your dad's phone, bcc. Does this issue occur when his phone is placed in Safe Mode? Steps on how to restart the phone in Safe Mode can be found here: If the issue does not happen while in Safe Mode, that would mean a third-party application is causing this issue. Please keep us updated on the results.