Moto Z Droid,My new paper weight!

My sons Moto Z has recently taken a familiar turn that many Moto owners will understand, its 100% charged take it off the charger dies, plug it back in try turning it on several times and finally it works as long as you remain tethered to a wall. How many 16 year old boys want to be stuck to a wall charging, not to mention the phone is or was a kind of parental safety net thinking he can call or text us if he has any problems with the car or is running late but he cant do that if he cant plug the phone in. I text him at school to tell him I am running late to pick him up when I get there he had no idea what was going on because Oh wait his phone died again!!!!!!!! I have tried every possible fix for this phone, factory reset, safe mode and recently the oreo update and nothing. So according to Motorola I can pay then $174 to replace this phone with a "like new" version since I am out of warranty. Why would I want to pay $174 for the same thing I am still paying for on my Verizon plan which was $624. The sad thing is the phone is only 1 1/2 years old and now it was just a big waste of money between the phone and the mods it all adds up. I had a Samsung for years and never had these kinds of issues and the fact that Motorola wont  man up and say yes their is an obvious problem with these phones lets back our product and help the people who keep us in business is pretty messed up!! I have been a Verizon customer for years and they wont even stand by the phone that they pushed and is a Verizon only phone. If any body knows of any business that still believes in customer service let me know so I can purchase my son a new phone.

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Re: Moto Z Droid,My new paper weight!
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Same problem. Cannot unplug my phone or it dies.