Moto Z Force - Another installation update worse than the rest

It amazes me how you mess around with the icons on our phones.  I put off this last installation update for weeks and now wish I had put it off completely.  Now all my icons, even ones not belonging to Verizon, are in circles so I don't know which icon is which.  The number count for emails, text messages, and phone calls are now stupid green dots with no numbers?   Who actually approves this?  Do you ever get the customer opinions?   My icons are now all justified to the right instead of being in the middle of my screen.  Verizon, you really know how to make a customer angry.  This is totally jacked-up once again.  These updates are NOT improvements, and can't figure out what the purpose of these updates are because they don't save me any battery life.  Can't wait to see how long it will take my Bluetooth to work again.  One disappointment after another.  This latest update pretty much puts Verizon on the bottom of my list.

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bcc, Your phone experience is very important to us. I can understand how frustrating it can be to have everything changed with a software update. These updates are provided by each phone manufacturer with the intent to improve your phone. Here are some details about the latest version.;


You mentioned something about your battery life, are you having problems with this? Is there anything else that we can help with?


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