Moto Z Force - Contact Changes are Horrible and Make me Dizzy

What happened to my contact list?  The entire background is blue with a red button to hang up.  The coloring is very hard and dizzying on my eyes and I feel like I am experiencing vertigo. This is a huge safety and health issue.   My contact pictures that used to cover the ENTIRE screen are now teeny little circles and I can hardly see who the contact person is.  WHO MAKES THESE CHANGES AND APPROVES THEM?  Did anyone test this on customers with epileptic seizures or those who are colorblind?  And changing the size of my contact picture is just wrong.  This installation is another denigration in the Motorola series of phones and not what I purchased, signed up for, and am still paying for.  Why am I paying for stuff that I didn't purchase and keeps changing?  They need to fire the programmer for changing a perfectly fine instrument and one that I was proud to own into a safety hazard.  uggghhhh

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Updates are not intended to cause any discomfort or inconvenience with you using your phone. The updates and any changes associated with them are created by the device manufacturers. We want your feedback to be heard, so we invite you to contact Motorola directly


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