Moto Z Force Droid: Software Update/battery drain/unwanted apps

This is the worst update I have ever seen.  All my icons have changed and they aren't even icons anymore.  The icons are in circles. What the heck?  I hate the way these icons look now.  They are smaller and not even icons anymore.  Fire the person who made this decision.  My 'all app' button is no longer available either.  Some stupid ^ sign that took me 10 minutes to figure out that is the new 'all app' button.  Seriously?  This is the worst update ever.  Bring my icons back.  This is also the worst purchase I have ever made with Verizon.  Battery drains to 50% in less than an hour.  I am on my third charger in less than 18 months because the first two just stopped working.  Apps keep getting uploaded that I didn't ask for taking up all the space on the phone and I can't even load the apps I want now because these won't come off.  I don't have any mods, but I keep getting apps for mods.  . When can I get an upgrade?    Go back to the drawing board with Moto Z Force Droid. 

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Unfortunately, some of what is being seen is part of the tradeoff for using Android. Extra apps are added by Motorola and Verizon Wireless and they cannot be removed. Phones issued by Google tend to have fewer extra apps.

While the apps cannot be removed, they can be disabled and reverted back to their default forms. Default forms, typically, take up less space than updated versions, and, just lie dormant when, properly, disabled.

Changing icons...there isn't a whole lot that can be done there either. The icons on my old Samsung Galaxy S4 are larger and more square shaped than the icons on my current Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Battery drain...the phone should have a tool that provides a general breakdown of power consumption by app & process. It is located in the Settings section. Take a look at it and see what the top two items are.