Moto Z Force camera wont turn on

For about two weeks now the main camera will not power on, I will tap on the camera app and after a few seconds it will say "Camera error, please restart camera"
The phone recently had an update but that didn't fix it, i tried restarting it, trying a new camera app, but nothing seems to work.
Everything works fine on the phone, hasn't been in water or dropped from a crazy height.

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Re: Moto Z Force camera wont turn on
Customer Service Rep

Your support is here! We want to make sure that we help you get your functions working. I apologize for the trouble. Where any changes made to the device before the issue began? By that, I mean a new application or update? Please try settings>about phone. Please provide the Baseband and Kernel versions for us. You mentioned distance in terms of dropping the device. Was it dropped? We will help you get this resolved.