Moto Z Force - so many issues

I hate my Moto Z Force like poison.  I have so many issues with it and I am STUCK with it for a long time, unless I have a spare $600 lying around to buy it out and then only get $300 for it when I try to sell it.    I hate it so much, I am thinking of buying a used old Samsung and put this awful nightmare in a drawer, but just keep paying for it.   I've got a $15 ice tea maker that is more reliable than my $600+ mobile phone.

1.   My contacts are all [removed] up.   Even though I appear to be linked with my Google contacts, I can never find anyone.  People I KNOW I have texted previously and I KNOW I have in my contacts, just show up as a number and I have to text back and explain my piece-of-junk-overpriced phone does not have access to my contacts.     Even when I search in the phone, they don't show up.   When I go into Google, on my computer, I can find them. 

2.   WiFi drops off constantly

3.   I lost the little number  that should show up on the Message icon to show me I have new text messages.   One day it was there and the next it was gone.

4.  Battery life is getting worse

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Re: Moto Z Force - so many issues
Customer Service Rep

I’m sorry to learn that you are experiencing some issues with your device, IAMSOYCATTY. I would like to get some additional information and explore ways to resolve those issues as soon as possible. I will ask you some question specific to each issue as numbered in your post to ensure that we address all your concerns.

1- When did this contact sync issue start? Have your Google contacts ever synced correctly with your phone? What is your phone’s Build number ( )?

2- Do you experience WiFi dropping issues with every WiFi network, or only specific networks?

3- Did the message number indicator disappear after updating/installing a particular application/software? What messaging application do you use?

4- Please visit this link for tips to extend your device battery life: