Moto Z Force

Does anyone else have a problem with the Moto Z Force?  We are on our second phone in 8 months and it keeps freezing or shutting off.  The first phone did the same plus wouldn't connect to any wireless.  About to get the 3rd phone in 8 months.  Customer service was no help. They just want to eaither do a forced buy out, which means I get to buy a phone that doesn't work or keep trading it in until the warrenty expires in 4 months, then I'm still stuck paying for a phone that doesn't work.

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Re: Moto Z Force
Customer Service Rep

That’s very odd behavior for the Moto Z Force, JROSSER67. I understand why you’re hesitant on trusting another replacement after your initial experience but the Certified Like-New devices we send for warranty replacements go through pretty significant testing before they’re sent. With both phones experiencing the same trouble, it’s possible some of the phone’s settings or even third-party applications are creating the reoccurring trouble. There is always the option to buy out the existing installment agreement as you mentioned but let’s make sure the device you’re paying for is working. Since you mentioned you’re about to get your third device, has it arrived and is it working well?


Thank you
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