Moto Z & OK Google: Can't Wake From Sleep via OK Google
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So I'm trying to use my Moto Z's Google Assistant more as Moto Voice isn't quite as useful. So far, I've:

  • Trained my voice in the Google App
  • In the Google App > Settings > Voice > OK Google Detection, enabled both 'Say "OK Google" any time' and 'Trusted Voice"
  • Deleted and Retrained my voice model
  • Moved to a PIN lock, which Google Assistant requires for auto-unlock
  • Checked "Trusted Voice" in Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted Voice, which is enabled and just takes me to the Google App
  • Tried leaving Moto Voice in a never-set-up state, then setting it up and disabling it via Moto app > Voice > Manage Launch Phrase > Launch Praise to off

The state this puts me in is:

  • "OK Google" works fine with any open app or the home screen
  • "OK Google" works fine - including unlocking my phone - when at the lock screen
  • "OK Google" cannot wake the device from sleep

Moto Voice is not a suitable replacement, because:

  • "OK Moto Z" works fine with any open app or on the home screen
  • "OK Moto Z" will trigger if on the lock screen, but cannot unlock my device
  • "OK Moto Z" can wake the device from sleep, but will still not unlock
  • I cannot daisy-chain by using "OK Moto Z" then "OK Google", as Moto Voice blocks the "OK Google" from hitting Google Assistant

Any ideas? I've also tried disabling the Moto Voice app in settings, but that doesn't help either...

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