Moto Z Play Bluetooth Issues

Last night I received a software update / security patch for my Moto Z Play.  Today, I cannot connect to my normal Bluetooth peripheral (Pokémon GO Plus), because it says I have an invalid PIN or Passkey.  Given that the Pogo+ is a really simple device, there was no PIN or passkey programmed.  I've eliminated all possibilities on that device's side, and believe that the cause must be in the security patch.  Is there any way around this so I can continue using my peripheral?

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Re: Moto Z Play Bluetooth Issues
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I'm sorry your new software update caused issues with your Pokemon Go Plus adriantyndall . There is no option to remove the update to avoid the issue with your connection. I recommend removing the connection completely and setting it up again. I also recommend making sure the application you're using is updated on your phone. Some software updates may not be compatible with apps if they are not updated. If you continue to have issues, you will need to contact the manufacture of this device for additional information.


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