Moto Z Play phone messenger notification for drive mode

Every time I get in the car, my phone rings to notify me I am in drive mode. It is DRIVING me crazy.  There seems to be no option to permanently turn off this feature in the Moto Z Play phone, even though Verizon shows a menu for Androids that supports shutting it off.  HELP please

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Re: Moto Z Play phone messenger notification for drive mode
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Staying hands free is important but we will work to stop this nuisance with Driving Mode. Are you able to navigate the menus via Moto App > Assist > Driving > More Options and click on the X next to the device you want to remove? Have you previously paired the device with your cars Bluetooth? You  can also typically disable the feature to associate bluetooth devices for the driving mode. Moto > Assist > Driving > More options > Uncheck improve driving detection by allowing moto to look for Bluetooth devices.


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