Moto Z Rapid Battery Drain

I've had the phone for about a year and within the last month the rapid  battery drain is significant.  I have to charge the phone at least 2-3 times a day.  It's quick to charge but as quick to drain with normal use.  I used to go a while day without needing to charge the phone.  I just want a reliable phone that will last longer than a year.  I will NEVER buy another Motorola phone.  This is the second one in about 4 years and the decline or defect always starts with the battery!  Help!!!

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Re: Moto Z Rapid Battery Drain
Customer Service Rep

We understand the importance of having a working device. Have you attempted any troubleshooting steps, such as testing the wall plug, charger cord, and outlet? Also, have you reviewed your app usage, to verify that they're not draining the battery further? MatthewI_VZW