Moto Z powers off, won't power up.

Bricked?  Like eleventy billion other frustrated Moto Z owners, my device has been randomly powering off.  Now, it won't even power up and google's "find my device" can't currently locate it.  Verizon, what's the answer here?  My phone is a little more than a year old (just past warranty of course...).  I have a protection plan, but the servicer claims this is a "software" issue and thus the plan is useless here. Please advise...

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Re: Moto Z powers off, won't power up.
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The find my device function won't be able to locate the phone since it's off, and if you're still unable to power it on the cause could be related to either a software or hardware problem. It's possible that the operating system crashed due to a error in programming, or app compatibility. Hardware issues could also cause that issue to occur if there's a problem with the battery, it's terminal connections, the LED's in the screen or the semiconductor film behind it, or with the power button due to defects, wear and tear over time or damage from moisture or drops.

You can check with a local cell phone/electronic repair shop or send the phone to the manufacturer for determining the cause and repair options, use insurance to get a replacement since in simple terms the device is currently 'broke' or if you were thinking about getting up into a new/different model it could be a good time to look into that too

Re: Moto Z powers off, won't power up.
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ignote, we truly understand how important it is to make sure you have a properly working device. Please allow us to further investigate the details. Can you please let us know if your device has any physical or liquid damage Also, we are sad to hear that your device is no longer powering on, please clarify if your device shows any signs that it is on such as the charging light indicator?




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