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My Z2 takes horrible pictures in low light.  My Droid Turbo camera was the best.  When taking sunset pictures they are just washed out compared to  the actual view you are trying to take a picture of.  I have changed the zoom, the light settings, HD on, HD off, and nothing is working. 

And the battery is not even close to the Droid turbo.  Since I bought my MotoZ2 on a monthly plan, what options do I have other than fork over $300+ dollars and buy another Turbo?

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Re: Moto Z2 Camera
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We always want to be sure your phone is working the way it should lolasmom. We are happy to help. Is the camera on the device malfunctioning or are you just unhappy with the quality of the camera? About how long does your battery last after it is fully charged?

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