Moto Z2 Play Factory Reset
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On a Moto Z2 Play, after update last year of Moto Voice, I do not get the option to give it a custom phrase to open and ask questions.  I now have to say the dreaded "OK Google" to ask a question.  My husbands Moto Z Play did not change, Moto Voice, he has the one it came with and can give it any phrase to open it.

Question, If I do a factory reset back to where it was before I bought it and DO NOT update the app Moto Voice, and never let it update, will I have the Moto Voice back like it was when I bought the phone.  Yes I know I will have to redo everything, not my first time on phones, so no problem.

The Moto Voice now will do "Show Me" to open, but doesn't do near as much as the original, which is why I bought the phone.

Is this possible to do?  

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Re: Moto Z2 Play Factory Reset

No I am on my 3rd replacement. There is nothing you can do to get rid of the update except get rid of phone and get something different.