Moto Z2 force in china

I purchased a Moto z2 force in September and was told it would have no problems in china. Was also told this phone could use any sim card while in China, this was all lies and now have a 780 dollar paper weight here. Is there any money back Verizon would give to purchase another phone? This is insane I traveled so far with confidence in my phone and now I'm stuck with no service in another country?!

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Re: Moto Z2 force in china
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We absolutely understand the importance of being able to use the phone you purchased wherever your travels may take you. This isn't the experience we want for you to have. We checked and were able to confirm that the Moto z2 Force does actually work with the network in China while our SIM card is installed. Please keep in mind that due to the differences in network technologies, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of our phones with other carriers' SIM cards for use on their networks. Compatibility must always be checked with the carrier whose network you'll be using. We provide a 14-day return period in which you can return or exchange your device. Outside of that time, you have the option to pay off the remaining balance owed on the device(if purchased on Device Payments) so that you can purchase a new phone. If the phone is paid off, trading it in for credit towards a new phone is definitely an option. You can appraise the value of your phone on our Trade-In Program site at this link


In the meantime, we would like to help with some troubleshooting to see if there's something else causing the trouble you're having. What happens when you try using an alternate SIM in your phone? What signal do you receive while your Verizon SIM is installed? If you receive any error messages, please share with us the full message you see.


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