Moto Z3 Time zone issues
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Yesterday Illinois switched to daylight saving time. My Z3 was correct yesterday and worked properly all day. My phone alarm awoke me at the correct time this morning, but after getting to work it switched back 1 hour. I rebooted the device and it was correct for about 15 minutes before it switched back to being an hour behind. 

Upon investigating things i found my automatic zone was turned on, but that it is automatically slecting the wrong time zone. If I turn automatic time zone selection off and select it manually it works fine. This just started today. I haven't downloaded any apps for several days, and seldom play games and never buy things in games. My device did perform an update last week, though. 

Any help would be appreciated. 



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Re: Moto Z3 Time zone issues
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Good morning, heypoolboy. It's important for your time to show correctly, so I understand your concern when the Daylight Savings setting didn't work. I'm here to help. What is the make/model of your phone? How is it working for you now?