Moto Z3 flashing & won't startup
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Moto Z3 has no known damage. It got plugged in and began flashing the lightning bolt. When it is unplugged the lightning bolt goes away.

Clicking power + Vol down = a screen with data and toggle options such as Start, Restart Bootloader, Recovery Mode, Power Off, Factory Mode, BP Tools, QCOM, Bootloader Logs, Switch Tools Mode, and Barcodes

Start = blue flashing screen

Restart Bootloader = flashes back to the same black screen displaying the android and data

Recovery Mode = blue flashing screen

Power Off = power off

Factory Mode = fast flashing blue screen

BP Tools = flashing blue screen

QCOM = flashing blue screen

Bootloader Logs =

    AP Fastboot Flash Mode (secure)

    Fastboot Reason: Volume down key pressed

Switch Tools Mode = allows me to switch Tools Mode Config to enabled (After enabling I tried - without any change in the result - Start, BP Tools, and Factory Mode)

Barcodes = displays barcodes

Any suggestions on what else to try???




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mine just started doing this...was perfectly fine. Love this phone. Any idea how to fix this???