Moto Z3 randomly powers off shortly after powering on

I recently got a moto Z3 and have had no problems with it until now. It randomly starts to shut off at any powerlevel, and when I power it back on it will shut off again within a matter of seconds. It sometimes even shuts off during the power on process. It takes about 5-10 tries to get it to turn back on and stay on. I have not dropped it, and not gotten it wet and have no viruses on my device. 

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Re: Moto Z3 randomly powers off shortly after powering on
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We apologize for the delay in responding. I depend as I'm sure you do too on my phone to work when I need it. We can certainly troubleshoot to help figure out what is going on with your phone. First we want to make sure the phone is full charged. Are you using the original charger that came with the phone? If yes, we want to put the phone in Safe Mode to determine if an app is causing the problem. Please open the following link:  and follow the instructions. Once the phone is in Safe Mode, test it for several hours, and let us know if anything changes. DoloresK_VZW