Moto Z3 will not power on.


Z3 was plugged in & charging (started around 40-50%); later checked on status & it showed 0% charge.

When unplugged it powered off & will not fully power on.  Has been on Motorola charger for hours but still will not power on.  Able to get to boot screen (image below), but all options either return phone to this screen or shut the phone off again.

Any advice?  Verizon stores are closed, Live Chat is unavailable...



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Re: Moto Z3 will not power on.
Customer Service Rep

I recall seeing that same screen on my Droid X some years ago, BuckeyeMM. I’m afraid there’s only one option that will help, given that you’ve tried every available choice on the screen you shared: A factory data reset. It’s preferable to attempt this while the phone is not plugged in, but if it won’t get to the screens you need, you may attempt the steps with the phone plugged in. Here are the steps to use beginning with the phone powered off. Let us know what happens.