Moto Z4 $400/line promotion bait and switch

Recently took my parents to Verizon to get them each a prepaid line.  The sales associate mentioned a $400/line promotion by purchasing a phone, porting-in an existing cellphone number, and getting an unlimited plan.  It was more money, but with the promised $800 (2 lines ported in) it seemed worth the upsell.  We agreed and selected the phone that the sales associate recommended (Moto Z4) and he confirmed that everything was in line to recieve the promotion.  After submitting for the rebate, we found out that the Moto Z4's won't qualify and we won't be recieving the  $400/line that was promised by the sales associate in order to make the deal.  We contacted the sales associated and basically got a "Woops, sorry..." response. 

Is there a mechanism with Verizon to remedy these fraudulent deals made by sales associates?  We're still within the cancellation window, but would like to stay with Verizon if possible even after this incident.

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