Moto z wont pick up my Bluetooth headset anymore

Recently my MotoZ stopped pairing with my Plantronics M70 headset. It was working up till now but wont pair anymore. I deleted it and tried to "re-pair" it. When I put it in pairing mode it doesn't even see it. I reset the network connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.). That didn't help. I even went and bought a different Bluetooth headset to try. It doesn't pick it up either. I have them sitting right next to each other and it simply doesn't see it. I stopped by one of the stores and when we hit refresh there it seems to pick up the other Bluetooth devices in the store, but refuses to acknowledge my headset. Any ideas for an extremely frustrated customer?

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Re: Moto z wont pick up my Bluetooth headset anymore
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I apologize for the frustration you're having with your blue tooth not being recognized by your device, Rickclo. Let me see what's going on to get this issue fixed. What version of software is on your Moto Z? Have you tried to do a soft reset to see if the blue tooth device is being recognized? Here's a link to help with the steps .


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