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Moto z2 force won't power on

I can't get my moto z2 force to power on.  It is charged but unresponsive to anything I try as far as trying to get it to come on any ideas on what I can do

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Re: Moto z2 force won't power on
Customer Service Rep

I can definitely understand how troubling it can be when your device will not power on, and am  here to give you a few things to try in hopes of getting your device to come back on! First, I would try connecting the device to the charger, and then powering on the device while plugged in. Another thing I would suggest, would be to hold the volume down, and the power button at the same time for 30- 40  seconds. This will force the device to reboot. If these do not fix the issue, I would also advise you to reach out to us on Twitter, or Facebook for further assistance.