Moto z3 randomly shutting off.

I never had an issue with my Moto z3.  It got water damage and I sent it in for ins. Claim.  I never got any notice it was received but tracking says it was.  They sent a replacement or loaner phone and this one shuts off all the time.  I tried to take photos tonight for my son's first and last homecoming dance and it turned off every time I tried to take a picture.  I got about 5 pictures total out of trying about 15.  I finally gave up.  So disappointed.  Do I need to do some kind of report and tell them this replacement doesn't work?  I can't afford to pay for insurance just to have then give me someone else's cruddy phone!  


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Re: Moto z3 randomly shutting off.
Customer Service Rep

Heather857088, we regret to learn that your Moto Z3 replacement from Asurion is acting up and not allowing you to take the pictures on this special occasion. We want to help ensure you have a working phone as soon as possible. 


Since your phone was replaced by Asurion it comes with a 1-year warranty directly through Asurion. They can replace your phone for free as long as there's no existing damage or abuse to the phone. A deductible isn't required in this case. Please contact Asurion at 888-881-2622 to further assist. Let us know if you needed anything else.