MotoZ bluetooth will not enable

When I click the slide button to turn on bluetooth, the slide briefly changes color like it is turning on but returns to the unhighlighted version, and it says "On" on the left of the screen, but as soon as I move to another screen, it returns to off.  I've rebooted many times.  How can I tell if there is a hardware or software issue?

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Re: MotoZ bluetooth will not enable
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MIZZOUBB, ensuring that the bluetooth feature for your Moto Z Force Droid Smartphone is enabled and working correctly are both very important. I have the same device and I've initiated the steps you've referenced here by first ensuring that the Bluetooth feature is turned on (Enabled and in Discovery Mode), then I switched screens. As a friendly reminder, you can view these steps here at:

Here's what I recommend. First, let's make sure that your Moto Z Force has been successfuly synced (Discovery Mode) using the Bluetooth device feature from your mobile phone with the bluetooth option you're using (e.g. Bluetooth headset, automobile, etc.) then try switching screens again. Please keep us posted.


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