MotoZ4 Call Connection Issue

A friend calls me when my WiFi is on, and he says I sound like a robot.  I hang up, turn my WiFi off, call him and it's fine.  I leave my WiFi off and he can call me as would be expected.  When I'm away he can call me without any problem but when I walk into the house, and my WiFi connects, he says he can no longer understand what I'm saying (robot).

Anyone have any ideas about why this is happening, and what to do about it?

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Re: MotoZ4 Call Connection Issue
Customer Service Rep

Having a clear connection during phone calls is a must. Do not worry, we'd be glad to assist. I would like to gather some information to best assist. Who is your Wi-Fi provider? How long have you been experiencing this issue? Are you having any trouble with cellular service (calls, texts, data)?